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Headquarter: HeiLongJiang Highcom Information Technology Co. LTD.
Address:6/F,No.236 Wenchang Street Xiangfang District Harbin,China
Tel:0086-451-87960700 87965699 87965899 87965977 87965166
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Highcom History
  · Computer information system integration level 3 qualification.
· Mobile Internet development center was founded.
· "The best outsourcing enterprise of the year"---Reward by the Harbin goverment.
  · Passed the second review of the CMMI level 3
· HighCom Office Automation Co., LTD was founded.
· Mobile Office System V1.0 computer software copyright registration certificate
· System Integrated Center was founded.
· Electronic commerce center was founded
· Mobile Application development platform V1.0 computer software copyright
· registration certificate


  · Established Sanya and Guangzhou Office
· Gained Telecommunications Value-added services business license
· ISO 27001 - Gained ISO 27001 Certification to the Information Security Management Standard (ISMS)
· Established Sanya and Guangzhou Offices
· Tianhuaxin Technology Development co., LTD was founded
· gained communication network system integration class c qualification certificate

  · Specified by ZTE as personnel outsourcing and assignment cooperation Unit
· Entering into Nanjing, Guiyang, Chongqing and other places'assignment market
· Restructured the West system , responsible for sales and service operations across Highcom
· Become China Unicom Group "UniStore Experimental simulation training center"

  · Founded Highcom training school
· asserted by the state as "harbin outsourcing training institutions"
· cooperated successfully With China's leading communication software and service provider-- AsiaInfo
· Founded Qinhuangdao Office,Promoting training business
· Founded Wuhan Office,Promoting service outsourcing business
· Established Beijing west branch, responsible for product sales and services across Highcom

  · Is long-term talents partners of WanDa Group, who is of the top 5 hundred enterprises of China.
· Founded ChangChun Office, and NeiMengGu Office.
· Beijing outsourcing branch were founded
· Highcom became practice base of Heilongjiang University, Harbin Science and Technology University, Northeast Forestry University, and other 17 universities.
· Founded sourcing relationship with Japanese companies.
· Outsourcing department were founded
· Beijing outsourcing team were built
· Shanghai outsourcing branch were founded
  · Three services product were produced and sold in Heilongjiang market
· Heilongjiang Highcom Software Engineering Co., LTD. was founded